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> >> We will provide a patch if possible. However, we might need some help
> >> onto our endevor.
> >
> > If it's not possible, why would you expect someone else to do it?
> > Step up and make it happen!  Avoid the misunderstandings, show what it
> should do!
> >
> > If you are demonstrating progress on something that benefits the
> community,
> > I'm sure the help you find you need will materialize along the way.
> "We will be back with a patch" ;)

Please make sure that it passes all current test cases before submitting the
patch.  Also, it would be good to take the examples that have been given to
you in this thread and create tests from them that demonstrate that they all
work.  Particularly important will be demonstrating the security example
that Igor gave above.

I'm telling you all this in advance, not to be mean, but to help you out.
In this one thread, you've pulled out more responses from PMC members and
committers than any thread in recent memory - and all of them agreed that it
was a bad idea, and not likely to be implemented.  So, if you submit a
patch, it needs to meet all the above criteria to prove us all wrong.  I'd
rather tell you that up front than have you submit a half-working patch and
then get shot down in a blaze of glory.  :)

Jeremy Thomerson
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