> Please make sure that it passes all current test cases before submitting the
> patch.  Also, it would be good to take the examples that have been given to
> you in this thread and create tests from them that demonstrate that they all
> work.  Particularly important will be demonstrating the security example
> that Igor gave above.

The security example is quite extreme and should be implemented in
traditional way if there is no regression test for it.

> I'm telling you all this in advance, not to be mean, but to help you out.
> In this one thread, you've pulled out more responses from PMC members and
> committers than any thread in recent memory - and all of them agreed that it
> was a bad idea, and not likely to be implemented.  So, if you submit a
> patch, it needs to meet all the above criteria to prove us all wrong.  I'd
> rather tell you that up front than have you submit a half-working patch and
> then get shot down in a blaze of glory.  :)

I am planning to take more of a "helper method" approach that is not
so invasive:

HierarchyUtils.helpMeAddThisComponentToItsParent(panel, component);


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