> Web pages are 80% trivial. Small friction like doing unnecessary
> hierarcy matching is waste of time. 5 min per hour, 40 minutes per
> day, 800 minutes per month, 20 people team 16000 wasted minutes per
> month is 33 days per month wasted only because of wicket hierarchies.

As time and time again research shows is that the real cost is not in
the initial development, but in maintaining (which of course starts
often while you're still doing the initial development, as it also
includes refactoring on initial ideas etc).

I think it is a bad idea to enable something that makes developing a
little bit quicker/ easier but that makes problems potentially much
harder to debug. As a comparison, my main pet-peeve with Hibernate for
instance isn't that it doesn't save me enough lines of code, but that
debugging problems with it can be bloody hard. And in fact, this can
already be the case for Wicket as well, even as much around the
framework is centered around avoiding that.


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