>> +  private Map<String, Component> componentIdMapAidedComponent = new
>> HashMap<String, Component>();
> So, you just added a new Map to all markup containers that keeps components
> in it?  Why would you do that?

We need to wait until all components are added so that we can arrange
them into correct hireracy before rendering.

> We already have a storage mechanism for children of a markup container.
> Why do we need two storage containers for children?  Why can't you
> call add(foo) and get("fooID")?

If there is an existing way to accomplish the temporary caching of
"components to be added", that mechanism can be used.

Another way to go about this would be to arrange children immediately
whenever addWithAid(component) is called so that they would be in
correct order when render is due.

> Oh, so all that's left is to do all the real work?  :)

True :)

> Like I mentioned in my previous response on this thread - you need to come
> to us with everything you've got.  It needs to show us:
>   - a real working solution
>   - something that doesn't break existing stuff (real world apps, and
>   passes all existing test cases)
>   - test cases for itself and all new functionality
>   - proof that it doesn't allow the designers to easily break security
>   (like Igor's example)

It's gonna take more than 5 min which I spent with the above. I take
in the feedback and work on it.

> Then you come with a "patch" that simply adds a bloated second place
> to store children in all markup containers?  That's not helping your case.

As I said before, I would need help form wicket internals to
efficiently leverage the existing mechanics.

> If you can truly present an elegant solution that solves all of the above,
> we can consider it. Do yourself the favor of really working through the
> solution wholeheartedly.

We'll do that and keep posting for intermediate feedback ;)


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> Jeremy Thomerson
> http://wickettraining.com
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