At 19:37 05/10/2002 +0200, Peter Palmreuther wrote:

> From 'autorespond' README: [...]
>,-----= [  ] =-----
>| Notes
>| =====
>| - If the maximum count has been reached, then the message is not
>| forwarded on to you.  If you wish to change this behavior, change
>| _exit(99);   on line 455 for mysql, 440 for the normal one
>| to:
>| _exit(0);
>Maybe this solves your problem???
>the line should be, in opposite to what README states, #627 + #698 in
>2.0.2 & 2.0.3 (the former would not store mails from a 'mailer-daemon'
>in users mailbox, which I don't understand why it shouldn't).

I don't believe that's what is causing the problem.  The message that 
should be delivered is not being delivered.  If I remove the autoresponder 
from the end-users .qmail file, the messages are delivered fine.  If the 
autoresponder stays, the messages continue to queue.

I've actually just discovered that while raising the limits of the 
autoresponder help, it is not perfect.  There are still messages waiting to 
be delivered, and are not even when I -HUP qmail-send.  I must remove the 
autoresponder from the .qmail file.

-- Steve

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