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>SIGHUP causes qmail-send to reread locals and virtualdomains.  You want to
>send it SIGALRM, which causes it to reschedule everything in the queue for
>immediate delivery (i.e. it tries to delivery everything).

Actually I use LWQ's qmailctl script, and type "qmail queue" .. I was just 
being lazy about remembering what it did.  Thanks though.

Anyway, I figure I'll give everyone an update.. It appears to be 
solved.  My original patch from early September neglected to add the case 
to handle the 99 error code from autorespond (see lazy, above), and Dave 
Boodman provided a patch that solved this.  There is a pre-devel version 
5.3.9 that incorporates both my patch and his, and it looks fine now.  I've 
completed a series of tests and everything is peachy.  (I don't use that 
word lightly ;)

Thanks to all who helped!

-- Steve

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