On Thu, 6 Feb 2003 15:29:27 -0400, Nelson D. Guerrero wrote:
>On [05/02/2003], Gary Stewart wrote:
>>Additionally, a word of warning, be sure not to reverse your order
>>the -c and -m on vconvert. This is specific on what the input is
>>and what the output is to. I made the mistake of typing
>>~vpopmail/bin/vconvert -m -c one time, and it instantly hosed the
>>account information I had in the cdb files. whoops.
>>Here's what i would do to be safe,
>>cp -R ~vpopmail/domains ~vpopmail/domains.backup
>>so if something does go wrong, you can always just copy that
>>directory back over and all the account information remains in
>>Create a mysql database for your vpopmail called vpopmail
>>and create a username and grant permissions for your vpopmail
>>database .
>>go to your vpopmail src directory, edit the vmysql.h file to match
>>site configuration.
>>/configure --with-mysql=y {and whatever other configure flags that
>>you used for your site before}
>>#as su
>>make install-strip
>>and now run that vconvert command, and viola. c'est au magnifique.
>>the account info is currently in the cdb files in
>>and will be migrated to
>Hi Gary,
>I'm sorry to be mailing you directlly, I appear to have some mailing
>list issues.
>I'm having a little problem running vconvert. When I run:
>vconvert -c -m domain.com
>it apparently works fine, but when I do a select on the vpopmail
>in MySQL, it's empty. I have no idea why it wont dump the
>information on
>the table. If you have any ideas please help me out, otherwise,
>you please FWD this mail to the vpopmail mailing list.
>Thanks for all your help.

I would doublecheck what database info is in vmysql.h file. other
than that, I'm not too sure off hand.
Gary Stewart, [EMAIL PROTECTED] on 06/02/2003

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