On [05/02/2003], Gary Stewart wrote:
> You will need to recompile vpopmail and follow the instructions in 
> the README.mysql file carefully. I can say with a good degree of 
> certainty that your mail accounts will remain unaffected. But as 
> always, a backup is a good idea. I have done this several times with 
> no problems. 
> Lets say you have the standard install for vpopmail, as I did, using 
> cdbs to store account info, you would run the following command after 
> your created your mysql database:
> ~vpopmail/bin/vconvert -c -m domain1..domain2..etc or don't specify a 
> domain name to do all. 
> This then takes all your accounts and migrates them for you.
> -- 
> Gary Stewart, [EMAIL PROTECTED] on 05/02/2003

I battled with this almost the entire day, searching on the mailing list
archive and googling a little and found no information on this anywhere,
so I don't really know if it's only affecting me ATM. 

Well, here's the deal: I configured a test server yesterday and after
fighting with it for a few hours I got it working, today, I was testing
with the mysql auth thing and had no luck till about 10 minutes ago,
when I decided to strip the --enable-clear-passwd=n from my ./configure

  Isn't vconvert supposed to understand non-clear passwords and
  convert them?

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