On [07/02/2003], Gary Stewart wrote:
> AFIK it is, but I too do not understand the inner workings really. 
> I've only been running qmail for about a year. Maybe someone on the 
> list can answer with more insight than I can provide?
> -- 
> Gary Stewart, [EMAIL PROTECTED] on 07/02/2003

Ok, here's another show-stopper. I'm getting the following error when
people use this box to send email:

Feb  7 11:59:29 ares qmail: 1044633569.181982 delivery 44: deferral:

Can someone enlighten me? 

1) Vpopmail user/domain adding/modifying/deleting is working perfectlly.
2) User authentication is magnificent and fast.

Then why the *%#! won't it let me receive emails, it's giving me
that error when someone tries to send an email to a internal virtual
mail account. 

This is a FreeBSD 4.7 machine if someone can give me a little help.

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