This is may be a FAQ by now, but I can't seem to find a straight answer.
I'm currently using Qmail + Vpopmail with no problems at all. Now, I
want to add MySQL support to vpopmail without having the fear that all
my files will get damaged. 

I got 2 questions for you guys.

1) What do I have to do in order to add MySQL support?
   a) Do I simply re-./configure and re-make?
   b) Is it a fresh install?

2) What files do I have to backup in order to preserve all my domains
   intact in case something fails? 

It's a really big machine running a little over 500 virtual hosts and I
don't want to screw this up, I'm in the process of installing an exact
machine to be a test server or backup server in case something goes

Nelson D. Guerrero 

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