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>>And the output of:
>>cat <home-directory-of-that-domain>/.qmail-default

> | /home/VMail/bin/vdelivermail '' [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> | /home/VMail/bin/vdelivermail '' bounce-no-mailbox

And you _really_ wonder why mails are delivered twice?

The first line searches for the user in vpasswd.cdb and if found
delivers the mail. If not is redirects the mail to postmaster@...
The second line does exactly the same, except in case of failure it
bounces the message.
A successful delivery done in line 1 does _NOT_ stop qmail-local
executing the other lines in .qmail-default, which a quick look into
man dot-qmail and man qmail-local would have revealed.

Decide ... Bounce or Forward. If you _really need_ both you'll for
sure have no problem with writing an own program or script that is
called from vdelivermail (|.../vdelivermail '' |/path/to/my/prog) and
forwards and bounces by itself, with the effect you only have _one_
delivery instruction in .qmail-default.
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