On Thursday, March 6, 2003, at 01:40 PM, Brian Kolaci wrote:

I guess I wasn't explicit enough.  I assumed people already
knew how the quota's are stored.  The "user quota" for vpopmail
is stored in the pw_shell attribute of the vqpasswd structure.
Where this information is stored (db, cdb, file) doesn't matter.
You use an API to get at it.  In courier, a different place is used.
The "domain quota" is now currently stored in the qmailadmin limits
information, which is now retrieved using the vget_limits() function.
Again, where it is actually stored doesn't matter.

The important thing to remember is that Sam's approach now is to set the quota with maildirmake -q. The quota is stored ONLY in the maildirsize file itself. It is the responsibility of any Maildir++ aware applications to honor the quota established in that file.

I only used pw_shell for backwards compatibility with the old vpopmail quotas.


Bill Shupp

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