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Sent: Thursday, March 06, 2003 6:56 PM
Subject: Re: [vchkpw] new quota support question

> On Thursday, March 6, 2003, at 01:40  PM, Brian Kolaci wrote:
> > I guess I wasn't explicit enough.  I assumed people already
> > knew how the quota's are stored.  The "user quota" for vpopmail
> > is stored in the pw_shell attribute of the vqpasswd structure.
> > Where this information is stored (db, cdb, file) doesn't matter.
> > You use an API to get at it.  In courier, a different place is used.
> > The "domain quota" is now currently stored in the qmailadmin limits
> > information, which is now retrieved using the vget_limits() function.
> > Again, where it is actually stored doesn't matter.
> The important thing to remember is that Sam's approach now is to set
> the quota with maildirmake -q.  The quota is stored ONLY in the
> maildirsize file itself.  It is the responsibility of any Maildir++
> aware applications to honor the quota established in that file.
> I only used pw_shell for backwards compatibility with the old vpopmail
> quotas.

OK OK. Brian had me thinking that the quota was stored in a database with all of that 
talk about pw_shell and limits API calls.

I now see that (as I originally thought), the quota is actually stored in the 
'maildirsize' file. (I opened it up and looked at it
in my maildir)

I haven't read enough about 'maildirmake -q', so I don't know if that program actually 
makes USE of the quota stored in
'maildirsize', but at least now I know that the 'user' quota CAN be read by third 
party programs.

SO: Would anyone be opposed to moving the 'domain' quota out of the qmailadmin limits 
file (I'm assuming it's stored there since
Brian said it was) and into a separate 'domainquota' file?

We could then add a line to each user's 'maildirsize' file that gives the file 
location of 'domainquota', and I could talk with Sam,
or write a patch that allows courier-IMAP and maildrop to use the 'domainquota' file 
as well as the 'maildirsize' file if it exists
in the 'maildirsize' file.

This would instantly solve my problem with maildrop and courier not being compatible 
with the new domain wide quotas, AND it would
make Sam more likely to accept the code since it doesn't deal with vpopmail specific 
files like the qmailadmin limits file.

Is there ANYTHING I am still wrong about? Does the above make sense?

What do you think, Bill?

Thanks for having patience with me!

> Regards,
> Bill Shupp

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