> OK OK. Brian had me thinking that the quota was stored in a database with 
all of that talk about pw_shell and limits API calls.
  > I now see that (as I originally thought), the quota is actually stored in 
the 'maildirsize' file. (I opened it up and looked at it
  > in my maildir)

It is used from the file *only* if you use maildrop.  If you use vpopmail 
the info is stored either in the password file or the database.


  > SO: Would anyone be opposed to moving the 'domain' quota out of the 
qmailadmin limits file (I'm assuming it's stored there since
  > Brian said it was) and into a separate 'domainquota' file?

Yes.  Many people use other tools in addition to qmailadmin
that manipulate the database directly to control these things.
I know I'm not alone.  There have been several other posts by
others using the database that manipulate the db directly.  Doing
this would require *another* file to be opened and maintained
by the admin tools and again puts a "limit" into the control of
the end user.  I use the limits from the db, and enforce them
with system quotas.

This is for both user quotas and domain quotas.


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