Thanks for the great help. I am now able to receive mail and check it with sqwebmail. I do still notice one thing. When I first installed on the new box, vpopmail user and group was #97. It was #89 on the first box so I changed it to #89 on the new box after noticing problems. Now I have reconfigured and reinstalled vpopmail, sqwebmail, vqadmin, and qmailadmin so they will all 'see' the new user number. When I look at /var/qmail/usera/assign I see than when I create new domains the user/group is #97. Also, if I ls -all /home/vpopmail/domains I see the user and group is 97 and not 'vopmail' or something. I can't login with qmailadmin either, any domain or account. Please help, I'm loosing it, : ).

Clayton Weise writes:

In /var/qmail/users/assign. You'll notice that the uid/gid of vpopmail is
in that file, change it to the new uid/gid of the vpopmail user then run


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I installed vpopmail on a server, then moved to a new box and moved data over. 1 thing i missed was the user account, the vpopmail user was 97 on one box and is 89 on the other. I have a domain that I cannot add or delete. I changed the file permissions on the domain's folder but that didn't help. When I do a vdominfo it shows that domain as owned by the old user acount, #97. Even if I mv the folder for that domain out of the domains directory, it still shows up in vdominfo. If I use vdomdel it says that domain doesn't exist, if I try to create is, it says it's already there. Where else is virtual domain info kept?


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