On Tuesday 25 March 2003 01:47, Brian Kolaci wrote:
> Hi Justin,
> There are currently ways to limit IMAP.  One thing you
> should remember is that the vlimits API is for full domain
> limits, not individual users.  There are permission bits in the GID
> field in the password entry for the user.  These I believe
> work.  Before actually implementing the API, I sent out a request
> for all the additional items people wanted to see over and above
> what I wanted.  This way the database schema would only have to be
> written once, and filled in later.  Some limit the qmailadmin app,
> others go directly into vdelivermail.  Others will go into other
> areas.
> Overall, I think we have a functional system as is, with placeholders
> for future features.  The wishlist is high, but only so many things
> can make each release.  If you've got the cycles and can crank out
> some of it tonight, send in a patch.

Hm, i tried to explain by mentioning disable_imap as an example. disable_pop, 
disable_smtp, disable_webmail ... things like that should be cared for in 
vchkpw. furthermore, vadduser doesn't care for maxpopaccounts, valias ignores 
maxaliases... I guess it's ok, the way it is now. And: I love it the way it 
is for a 5.3.20.
But: not for 5.4.0. The next stable release shouldn't have placeholders for a 
very nice system and get some of the features added for every update release. 
Instead it should have a working system with fully implemented vlimits. But 
this is just my opinion, and since I've always used the vpopmail-dev 
versions, the whole 5.4.0 release isn't bothering me that much :)

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