> On Monday 24 March 2003 22:05, you wrote:
  > >   > On Monday 24 March 2003 20:53, Ken Jones wrote:
  > >   > > I'm about to release a new 5.3.20 devel version.
  > >   > >
  > >   > > Does anyone have any patches they  would like to submit?
  > >   > >
  > >   > >
  > >   > > Thta's about it.
  > >   > > If no one submits patches by end of day Tuesday, I'll
  > >   > > release 5.3.20 as is. The plan then is to let Bill
  > >   > > Shupp finish up some things before we release a
  > >   > > new 5.4.0 stable version in association with a new
  > >   > > qmailadmin 1.2.0 release.
  > >   >
  > >   > Fine. I really think we should finish vlimits before 5.4.0. At least 
  > >   > an extent where it actually is doing something.
  > >
  > > Its been working for me since mid last year.  I've submitted
  > > the patches only this year, starting around January.
  > > It essentially wraps the .qmailadmin-limits file access
  > > to an API and also allows the information to be stored
  > > in MySQL.  When I put together the API, I had asked for
  > > other "wishlist" items, which I put into the structures
  > > but haven't implemented such as "permissions".  The quotas,
  > > limits, defaults limits, etc. all work fine and have been
  > > for quite some time.
  > >
  > > So I have no idea what you mean that it should "do something".
  > >
  > > The infrastructure is now there for people to implement the
  > > items they "wished" for.  If I get spare cycles, I'll look
  > > at them, but the areas I use were done a year ago, except for
  > > domain quotas which was completed last month.
  > >
  > > Brian
  > ok, sorry brian :)
  > it is just that i don't use qmailadmin and i don't want to. if i have some 
  > option in my vlimits which denies imap, then why does vchkpw allow me to 
  > login via imap ?? this is what i feel vlimit should do. for limiting some 
  > userfrontend i actually don't need any feature of vpopmail, as i can easily 
  > use my own mysql tables.
  > furthermore there is no single ./vsetlimit utility.
  > this isn't meant to attack you in any way, brian, and i didn't say _you_ 
  > should do all this. you did a great job adding the vlimits, which are able 
  > do more, than they are doing at the moment.

Hi Justin,

There are currently ways to limit IMAP.  One thing you
should remember is that the vlimits API is for full domain
limits, not individual users.  There are permission bits in the GID
field in the password entry for the user.  These I believe
work.  Before actually implementing the API, I sent out a request
for all the additional items people wanted to see over and above
what I wanted.  This way the database schema would only have to be
written once, and filled in later.  Some limit the qmailadmin app,
others go directly into vdelivermail.  Others will go into other

Overall, I think we have a functional system as is, with placeholders
for future features.  The wishlist is high, but only so many things
can make each release.  If you've got the cycles and can crank out
some of it tonight, send in a patch.



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