Title: RE: [vchkpw] Inter7 mail server doesn't have reverse DNS!

As I said, we've yet to receive more than a handful of complaints, and all of those have been from remote mail admins who've noticed bounces and conscientiously investigated them. When I explained to each what we're doing and why, and if needed how to fix their setup, they've all been happy they got their reverse DNS setup.

Rather than questioning why we would refuse to accept from non-reversible hosts, why don't we ask why anyone would set a host up without reverse DNS?

Nicholas Harring
System Administrator
Webley Systems, Inc

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On Thu, 2003-03-27 at 10:55, Nick Harring wrote:
> We currently run our hosted systems requiring reverse DNS and haven't
> really had any complaints about mail not being received. While there's
> no rule requiring reverse DNS, systems without it are much more likely
> to be spam originators in my experience with our system. The few
> systems I've come across that legitimately send mail but had broken
> reverse DNS were more than happy, and able, to fix it quickly and
> understood immediately the point of rejecting connections on such a
> condition.

If you've chosen to deliberately break your mail server like this, that
is of course your choice to make.  I just hope you've informed your

- Ron

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