::If it's true that spammers don't have reverse DNS on their IP
::addresses, I wouldn't mind seeing the MTA adding a header like
::"X-Possible-Spam: Host does not have reverse DNS." and even
::"X-Possible-Spam: Host resolves to spam.com which does not
::resolve to".  Then an email client could filter on that
::header or SpamAssassin could add a few points to the message's spam


Blackhole spam/virus filter does both of these checks as well as header
tagging. It can also be installed into qmail at the queue level or run via
.qmail-default or .qmail files (in vpopmail > 5.2.1).


It also integrates with Spamassassin with the latest version. (Although I
haven't gotten it to work with the libspamc.so under FreeBSD yet.)

Tom Walsh
Network Administrator

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