I run Courier1.7/Vpopmail5.2.1/Squirrel1.4.11(?)/Qmail (blah blah).
Recently I've had messages get lost/deleted when I try to move them to another folder. If I use Mozilla, I'd drag-and-drop. If I use Squirrel, I'd mark and move-to-folder.

Some messages move OK, others get lost. The lost ones don't go to Trash, they just disappear. No errors, nothing in the logs.

I've got a theory that most the mail that gets lost on a move is either HTML or has 1+ attachments of any size. The problem doesn't seem to affect all folders of a mailbox/account, but it does seem to be a sticky problem - once a folder goes "bad", it stays bad. Not all users exhibit this problem.

Disk seems ok, etc... looking for debug ideas.

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