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> 1059675921.19351.penguin.example.com,S=163777:2,S 
> 1059689347.25043.penguin.example.com,S=2461:2,S

Ok, the above says it all (from your last 2 or 3 emails)

You also mentioned you are using Couirer-imap 1.7 which I believe is buggy or 
not backwards compatible!! 
If you look in Courier-imap's changelog, for version 1.7.0 (changes made by Mr 
Sam on 2003-01-14), you will see:
* maildir/maildircreateh.c (maildir_try_create_hostname): Include
        microseconds in message filename.

When I migrated one of my servers from a courier-imap 1.6.2 to a courier-imap 
1.7.0, I had the SAME problem that you are currently having. I think the 
problem manifests itself only in older messages with the older style names (I 
could be wrong). Does that problem happen only when you have IMAP_EMPTYTRASH 

Anyways, stick with 1.6.1 till Mr Sam, me, or someone else figures out a fix.
Perhaps Mr. Sam could shed more light on the subject. I hope he didn't mind me 
cc'ing him on this, since I wanted to ask him anyhow.

Best Regards,

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