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Sent: Saturday, August 02, 2003 5:16 AM
Subject: [vchkpw] Losing messages when I move them?

> I run Courier1.7/Vpopmail5.2.1/Squirrel1.4.11(?)/Qmail (blah blah).
> Recently I've had messages get lost/deleted when I try to move them to
> another folder.  If I use Mozilla, I'd drag-and-drop.  If I use
> Squirrel, I'd mark and move-to-folder.
> Some messages move OK, others get lost.  The lost ones don't go to
> Trash, they just disappear.  No errors, nothing in the logs.

Dont know if this is your answer or not... :

I wrote a guide that shows how to build a server made out of
qmail / vpopmail / courier-imap / squirrelmail etc

Judging by the amount of feedback email that I get, and by the number
of time I see this url quoted on mailing lists, it seems that quite a lot of
people have used this guide to build mail servers

Up until recently this guide had some notes in the courier-imap section
that talked about the way that the IMAP_EMPTYTRASH function works.
The notes showed how I had modded the maildirpurgetmp.c file so that it
would delete files based on "mtime" rather than "ctime". (For those of you
who arent sure of what I am talking about here, you can read more info
on this subject in the comments of the courier-imap/etc/imapd file)

The mod I used was to change maildir/maildirpurgetmp.c (at around
line 64) from
    && stat_buf.st_ctime < current_time - nage)
    && stat_buf.st_mtime < current_time - nage)

Now this mod worked as intended without problem up until June 2003,
when I  started receiving emails from people who had built servers according
to my guide, but they were suddenly experiencing mail going missing
after trying to move messages from one folder to another.
Only messages that were more than a few days old seemed to be affected.

After a bit of digging, we found that the problem only happened
with the combination of the mod shown above, and PHP 4.3.x (which
was released around June 2003)
If you run the mod with PHP 4.2.x or earlier, messages would not
go missing on move...

I initially thought it unlikely that a change in PHP version would have
caused this behaviour, but it was certainly repeatable by flipping
the PHP versions on my own mail server between 4.2.x and 4.3.x

I dont know why or how the newer version of PHP would trip
up this mod, but it does seem to be the cause.


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