On Tue, 2003-09-09 at 19:30, Tom Collins wrote:
> I have forked ownership since I felt that Inter7 was doing a poor job 
> of maintaining vpopmail and qmailadmin.  I readily acknowledge that Ken 
> created vpopmail and qmailadmin.  They're GPL projects, so I'm free to 
> fork them if I like.  Since moving the projects to SourceForge, we've 
> kept up with submitted patches and bug reports.  I feel that making the 
> move was beneficial to the projects themselves and the people that use 
> them.

Fine, fine. But! Could we please change the name then? It will be a
support nightmare if we got two forks named the same. "vpopmail-sf" -
anything please!

> since then.  Managing the projects on SourceForge keeps everything out 
> in the open, and allows anyone to contribute.

Please, can we have CVS access then? Or maybe just patches for every
release? It's a pain to keep a personal tree updated with new releases.

> Ken hasn't stated why he wants to be an owner of the project.  I'm not 
> sure I understand what he loses out on by being a developer on the 
> project and not an admin.

Prestige? - And maybe the fact that he created the thing in the first
place. Counterquestion: Why do you refuse to add him?


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