On Tue, 2003-09-09 at 19:51, Rick Romero wrote:
> > Ken Jones hasn't contributed to vpopmail and qmailadmin development 
> > since March.  We've had 12 qmailadmin releases and 7 vpopmail releases 
> > since then.  Managing the projects on SourceForge keeps everything out 
> > in the open, and allows anyone to contribute.
> IMHO, I think Ken can bring a little more stability to the devel
> releases.  Yes, we KNOW it's a development release, but some of the
> Changelog entries show a lack of, umm, a polished release.

Agree. Let me say it this way, I've stopped using development releases
in any production-environment (Yep, I know - but we have to, and
everybody does it!).

> Now, while I didn't have a problem merging my hacks into the latest
> inter7 devel version, I have yet to grab a sourceforge version simply
> BECAUSE there are so many releases.  

Agree! Slow down, take a deep breath, give cvs-acces to those who can't
wait or are doing active development. The occasional bugfixer or 3-line
patcher doesn't need _bleeding_ edge code.


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