Ken and Inter7 deserve credit for all the work they have put 
into vpopmail and the associated admin packages. 

Sourceforge is a great place for hosting open source software.
The tracker system allows bugs, patches, feature requests etc 
to be handled in an orderly fashion.  

Tom deserves credit for the large amount of work he has put 
into both packages since their relocation to Sourceforge.

It is not in anyone's interests to fork these projects into 
"Kens version" and "Toms version". 

So surely the best compromise/solution would be for all 
parties to agree that getting a 5.4-stable out the door is the 
#1 goal

To achieve this we could :

  * Grant Ken admin privileges on Sourceforge. Even if Ken isn't 
     actively contributing to the development at the moment, his past
     efforts warrant him to be included as an admin if he wishes

  * Tom remains also as admin, and it be confirmed that he is in 
    charge of releasing new 5.3.x development builds with the goal
    of getting 5.4 out the door

  * Leave the project home page set as the Inter7 site. But update 
    the Inter7 so it refers any development downloads link back 
    to the Sourceforge page


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