On Tuesday 09 September 2003 6:35 pm, Michael Bowe wrote:
> Ken and Inter7 deserve credit for all the work they have put
> into vpopmail and the associated admin packages.
> Sourceforge is a great place for hosting open source software.
> The tracker system allows bugs, patches, feature requests etc
> to be handled in an orderly fashion.
> Tom deserves credit for the large amount of work he has put
> into both packages since their relocation to Sourceforge.
> It is not in anyone's interests to fork these projects into
> "Kens version" and "Toms version".
> So surely the best compromise/solution would be for all
> parties to agree that getting a 5.4-stable out the door is the
> #1 goal
> To achieve this we could :
>   * Grant Ken admin privileges on Sourceforge. Even if Ken isn't
>      actively contributing to the development at the moment, his past
>      efforts warrant him to be included as an admin if he wishes
>   * Tom remains also as admin, and it be confirmed that he is in
>     charge of releasing new 5.3.x development builds with the goal
>     of getting 5.4 out the door
>   * Leave the project home page set as the Inter7 site. But update
>     the Inter7 so it refers any development downloads link back
>     to the Sourceforge page
> Michael.

This sounds like a great compromise. 

In addition I would like to add that I will not shoot down Tom's 
ideas. Like putting configuration options in ~vpopmail/etc files.
I did not like this in the past, but I am starting to see the light
since I am working on RPM releases of everything.

Also I plan on doing stability and backwards compatibility testing.

For the last 6 months or so I have been working on a RedHat 9 
based release specifically tailored for qmail.The entire distribution
ends up fitting on one CD. We are almost done. Just a few things
to sort out (like cram-md5 smtp auth on some email clients fail).
I would really like to include a new vpopmail 5.4 stable version.

Ken Jones

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