On Tue, 2003-09-09 at 12:30, Tom Collins wrote:
> On Tuesday, September 9, 2003, at 10:07  AM, Ken Jones wrote:
> > Just so everyone knows. Tom Collins is attempting
> > to fork the vpopmail project. He refuses to let me
> > share ownership of the vpopmail and qmailadmin
> > projects on source forge. When I asked him to
> > add me as an owner on the project he said he
> > refuses now and at any time in the future to
> > allow me to share ownership.
> I have forked ownership since I felt that Inter7 was doing a poor job 
> of maintaining vpopmail and qmailadmin.  I readily acknowledge that Ken 
> created vpopmail and qmailadmin.  They're GPL projects, so I'm free to 
> fork them if I like.  Since moving the projects to SourceForge, we've 
> kept up with submitted patches and bug reports.  I feel that making the 
> move was beneficial to the projects themselves and the people that use 
> them.

I would agree.


> Ken Jones hasn't contributed to vpopmail and qmailadmin development 
> since March.  We've had 12 qmailadmin releases and 7 vpopmail releases 
> since then.  Managing the projects on SourceForge keeps everything out 
> in the open, and allows anyone to contribute.

IMHO, I think Ken can bring a little more stability to the devel
releases.  Yes, we KNOW it's a development release, but some of the
Changelog entries show a lack of, umm, a polished release.

Now, while I didn't have a problem merging my hacks into the latest
inter7 devel version, I have yet to grab a sourceforge version simply
BECAUSE there are so many releases.  

I think that may cause problems with testing 5.2.2 in a production
environment.   While updates from Inter7 were sparse, I definitely felt
comfortable running the current devel version.

> Ken hasn't stated why he wants to be an owner of the project.  I'm not 
> sure I understand what he loses out on by being a developer on the 
> project and not an admin.

I would call it plain old common courtesy.  Nobody wants to see a power
struggle, or two vpopmail/qmailadmin projects, but a lot of people are
doing great things with these two projects.  I find it somewhat
unprofessional to fork the project using the same names at sourceforge,
and hijack the mailing lists in an effort to steer everyone towards your

IMHO if you're going to be King, change your project names (so you don't
appear to be intentionally confusing newbies), and don't use this
mailing list.


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