At 03:37 PM 9/9/2003, Ms. Catherine Kouzmanoff wrote:
Good afternoon Paul,
I'm afraid you too may have taken this personally.
I choose my grammatically inferred semantics wisey. Remember, may, is only a possibility.

well, we can play "wisey" word games all day. You *may* be a controlling sociopathic misanthrope. Or you *may* be an anencephalic troll. The tone of your comments was one of tarring Mr. Collins by implying ulterior motives where he explicitly stated the opposite - not exactly a new low in rhetoric, but one you should publicly apologize for, in my opinion.

I understand your email as a misunderstanding to the position Inter7 is taking: we want to be able to support Tom Collins.

You *are* able to. Simply put aside the ego. Ken/inter7 have no practical need for administrative rights to the sourceforge project. this is an empirical datum. you have an emotional need, apparently though. one derived from the apparent emotional need to control it, ignoring the GPL license you chose to publish it under.

get over yourselves. you abandoned vpopmail. your own support staff were unable to support your paying customers - they had to go to the vpopmail mailing list for help, and once there were helped by *the community*, not their vendor. that's a pretty shocking indictment of your support for the software.

Rejoice in the good things.

indeed, such as the GPL.

learn it. know it. live it.

cooperate with Tom, who went to the trouble of supporting your software when you abandoned it. oh, and of course, if you protest that you did not abandoned it, i'll be forced to repost the dozens and dozens of postings to the list from last year from people asking questions, asking for help, and submitting patches, which were *totally ignored* by inter7.

The community stepped in to fill the void. Now that the community is virtually self-supporting, you want to waltz in and take control of it.


Paul Theodoropoulos

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