At 02:46 PM 9/9/2003, Ken Jones wrote:
In the same spirit of community and co-operation, Bill Shupp
took over primary development for quite some time. Our
last combined release was in April.

How has what Tom has done been any different, up to the conflict that's recently come to light? Since you have not been involved in primary development for quite some time, why do you feel you need administrative access to the sourceforge project, rather than participating as a developer? I'm not asking that in a 'sassy' tone, i'm posing it as a thoughtful inquiry.

i'll reiterate for the record, i have no beef with you - and frankly am very appreciative of the work you did in the past, as vpopmail is a terrific system. But i don't entirely understand the current conflict, other than one of 'clash of egos' rather than anything technical or administrative in nature.

As a developer, would you not be willing to participate in further vpopmail development via the sourceforge project as such?

a question for tom, if ken does participate as a developer, and contributes in a manner representative of a lead developer, at a later time would you consider adding him as an administrator?

Paul Theodoropoulos

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