tisdagen den 9 september 2003 23.46 skrev Ken Jones:
> On Tuesday 09 September 2003 4:14 pm, Oden Eriksson wrote:
> > tisdagen den 9 september 2003 21.44 skrev Ms. Catherine Kouzmanoff:
> > > For seven years, Inter7 has been the original and primary development
> > > source for vpopmail, qmailadmin, vQadmin, eps, vQregister, DNSadmin,
> >
> > Incorrect, let me remind you "vpopmail" itself is a fork off of the work
> > by Chris Johnson in 1998/1999 and his "vchkpw" software..., that's
> > what..., like minus three years?
> >
> > Cheers.
> That is not quite correct. vpopmail is not a fork of vchkpw.
> When I started working on vchkpw I asked Chris Johnson
> if it would be okay for me to do the primary development work
> on the project. He agreed and I started the work. I think
> that was back in 1998.

Ahh, I remember now, sorry. I used Chris's work back then and was very happy 
that this framework or what it's called was embraced by you. You have done an 
amazing work, so has Bill, so is Tom and Michael. I think I have used this 
code since then.

vchkpw was renamed to vpopmail because no one could pronounce the latter ;), 
and that's no fork.

> In the same spirit of community and co-operation, Bill Shupp
> took over primary development for quite some time. Our
> last combined release was in April.

Yes, he's a great guy.

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