On Tue, 9 Sep 2003, Paul Theodoropoulos wrote:
> get over yourselves. you abandoned vpopmail. your own support staff were 
> unable to support your paying customers - they had to go to the vpopmail 
> mailing list for help, and once there were helped by *the community*, not 
> their vendor. that's a pretty shocking indictment of your support for the 
> software.

I will have to agree to this post to a point.  Ken charged me over $50 
with Inter7 to answer one question that was actually the wrong answer.  As 
far as I am aware of Inter7 had no understanding of what funcionalities 
were in the current releases yet they do install the most current releases 
for their clients *boggle*.

I was told to write a program to update the user limits.
Well isn't that what "vmoddomlimits" is for?  I have to admit that I was a
little frustrated spending an evening writing one just to realize
that the most recent versions already had this functionality.

On top of that their was no knowledge that the recent versions of vpopmail 
can track the quota on the domain (instead of creating individual user 
accounts and quotas).  This also was frustrating.

Now I understand that is business but if your group claims to be an
"expert" of vpopmail (I know they wrote it at first) then you should know
the functionality that is out there.  Not charge someone for support and 
at the same time not know that it is out there already.

Now maybe they didn't agree with how it was implemented?  I don't really 
know, I just sucked it up as an expense to the original writers of this 

Tom (and some other users) were able to lead me to the right direction in
this newsgroup.


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