VeNoMouS writes:

> in short, YES, because how is it related to what any one here reads,

I'm someone here.  I'm reading your latest post.  Surely, by your own
standards, I have a right to reply to it.

> as far as ive seen this has been a post a q and answer forum,

For six months it was a q and no a forum.  That is what some of us
think of as a problem and which to address so that once more thare
are a's in response to q's.

> not hi im gonna state my fucking opinion on what ever the fuck i feel 
> like,

If I understand you correctly, you agree with posts that are questions
and posts that are answers but NOT posts that are opinions.  And yet
the ONLY posts I have seen from you have been opinions.  Please

> who died and made you ceo of inter7?

Nobody did, any more than they made YOU CEO of Inter 7.  And yet you
feel entitled to post your opinion here while denying me mine.  I
will also point out that in the last six months Inter 7 has done
absolutely nothing to support vpopmail while Tom has.  So if you were
to ask me who died and made me the CEO of Tom Collins your question
would have slightly more relevance.

> as i said before, take it to personal emails and leave us the fuck out of
> your bitching.

If you want to bitch to me without bothering the list, I suggest that
YOU take it to personal e-mail first.  If you convince me in personal
e-mail that you are right the I will apologise to the list.  If you
continue to attack me on the list I will continue to respond.  The
choice is yours, even though I suspect you are too stupid to understand
the options.

And you still have not learned how to unnecessarily quote all of
the mail that you are responding to, even after being fed large doses
of clue.  The cluephone is ringing, it is for you, but your service
has been disconnected...

Paul Allen
Softflare Support

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