I can’t seem to find good instructions on the proper way to do this – could someone please point me to them if they exist?


Basically we have n+1 qmail+vpopmail+mysql, each sharing an NFS datastore for the vpopmail directory. (and only for that directory)


As of now we are using a kludgey way of adding new domains to all boxes – simply adding the domain once to each box.  I think it’s pure luck that all machines are putting the new domains into the same directories and getting the same values in assign, morercpthosts etc.  up to now.  This can’t be the right way as adding the domain a second time gives an error about the domain existing, however we do get the desired benefit of having the domain added to qmails control files and the box will answer for that domain.


Is there a documented, proven proper method for adding domains to multiple machines in this configuration?  Should I be sharing the qmail control files as well/instead?  The problem with that is that some control files are unique to that machine?  Creative use of symlinks?  What about the lock files and cdb?


Any help or suggestions or pointers to the proper docs on cluster synchronization (which I can’t seem to find but probably haven’t looked hard enough ;) ) are appreciated. 






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