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As i have tinkered with the source code myself, i dont see why qmail would have to be restarted. In the qmail source file, it re-reads the rcpthosts file on every run of it ( qmail-smtpd ), so "hot" adding shouldnt be a problem at all.


Don't tinker, READ!

daemon1# pwd
daemon1# grep qmail-send vpopmail.c
       signal_process("qmail-send", SIGHUP);
   /* send a HUP signal to qmail-send process to reread control files */
   signal_process("qmail-send", SIGHUP);
   signal_process("qmail-send", SIGHUP);

Things like that has mislead me in the past, so I am quite anal when it comes to expressing opinions.

At times when I mention something I am not 100% sure of, I say "Please correct me if I am wrong", or "I could be wrong".

Also, if I don't have the big-qmail-vpop-picture, I would never make a conclusion like "[something] shouldn't be a problem, at all".

Tim Hasson

I have always joyfully added files to my rcpthosts and it has never failed to pick em up on the next incoming SMTP connection. Its always worked just fine, so i dont know.


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