On Thu, 2003-09-18 at 12:18, Jeff Oliver wrote:
> Basically we have n+1 qmail+vpopmail+mysql, each sharing an NFS
> datastore for the vpopmail directory. (and only for that directory)

ok, cluster.
> As of now we are using a kludgey way of adding new domains to all
> boxes – simply adding the domain once to each box.  I think it’s pure
> luck that all machines are putting the new domains into the same
> directories and getting the same values in assign, morercpthosts etc. 
> up to now.  This can’t be the right way as adding the domain a second
> time gives an error about the domain existing, however we do get the
> desired benefit of having the domain added to qmails control files and
> the box will answer for that domain.

rsync is your friend.
> Is there a documented, proven proper method for adding domains to
> multiple machines in this configuration?  Should I be sharing the
> qmail control files as well/instead?  The problem with that is that
> some control files are unique to that machine?  Creative use of
> symlinks?  What about the lock files and cdb?

rsync is your friend.
> Any help or suggestions or pointers to the proper docs on cluster
> synchronization (which I can’t seem to find but probably haven’t
> looked hard enough ;) ) are appreciated.  

set up an rsync server for the qmail control files and a cronjob that
runs every.... however long that rsyncs the qmail control files.  Then,
all you have to do is update the 'master' :)
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