Paul L. Allen wrote:

Erik Bourget writes:

You know, intense as this whole argument is, the fact remains that DWIM
is no substitute for proper documentation.

Let's see, the documentation says vaddaliasdomain original alias. If you do what the documentation says, it works. If you reverse the arguments, it still works. It would be nice to document that the arguments can be either way around but it is not strictly necessary.

Patching software to accept every possible 'first-guess' input isn't
just sloppy, it's unmaintainable.

<irrelevant posturing snipped>

This whole argument is ridiculous. The correctness of design doesn't really rely on what some random users first guess of how it should work would be, because they're wrong to be guessing when man pages are supplied. The One Correct Way of using new software in unix is to read the docs first. For windows you need to read the docs twice, but that's another discussion.
I already posted verbiage that I think clearly explains how the new design would work, such that anyone who can read and comprehend with basic logic would get it right. However, I must agree with many others that silently doing the right thing without changing the docs is a bad, bad idea. Perl does what you mean, but everyplace it does so there's thorough documentation telling you not just that it does so, but also how it knows what you mean, so that just in case you know you don't mean what its going to think you mean, you can work around it.
I happen to not care about the order of the arguments, however I do very much care that the documentation stay accurate for any future versions of vpopmail.


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