Erik Bourget writes:

> You know, intense as this whole argument is, the fact remains that DWIM
> is no substitute for proper documentation.

Let's see, the documentation says vaddaliasdomain original alias.
If you do what the documentation says, it works.  If you reverse the
arguments, it still works.  It would be nice to document that the
arguments can be either way around but it is not strictly necessary.

> Patching software to accept every possible 'first-guess' input isn't
> just sloppy, it's unmaintainable.

But the point is that most people's first guess is the opposite way
around, therefore the software was badly designed.  And, as somebody
else already pointed out, no matter which way you expect it to work,
it works exactly as before: if both domains exist it was an error
before and is an error now.  If neither domain exists it was and error
before and is an error now.  If one domain exists and the other does
not then an alias is created.  It is impossible to do anything wrong
with the proposed change in place tha you cannot do wrong with the
existing code.  In fact, the proposed change eliminates one possible
error: that is misremembering what order the arguments should be in
because you use ln a lot.  That's not sloppy, that's good ergonomics.

>From all the complaints, anyone would get the impression that the
change forces everyone to do things differently.  It does not and
you can continue to use it the way you always have.  From all the
complaints, anyone would think that the change introduces a new
error that you can make.  It does not and it is impossible to do
anything wrong that you could not do before.  From all the complaints,
anyone would get the impression that making software easier to use while
retaining full backward compatibility is a bad thing.

"Waaaaaah.  Big bad man force me to use new software that can be used
in ways I disapprove of.  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah"  "Is he also holding a gun
at your head to force you to use it that way?"  "No, but I disapprove
in principle of software being easy to use and get all twisted and angry
inside that somebody else is using it the easy way while I'm doing it the
hard way to show my machismo."

If the preceding paragraph is not your position then please give some
THOUGHT as to why you believe it is such an awful change.  If you have 
anything more plausible than it will add a couple of lines of code and will
divert a few person-minutes of programming resources then feel free to
share them.  Here's a tip for you: if you state a broad general principle
without justifying it and showing that it is actually applicable to this
situation, I'll show exectaly why you're wrong as I just did with your
"DWIM is no substitute for proper documentation."

Paul Allen
Softflare Support

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