Anders Brander writes:

> A bit odd to document,

Damn right.  I still haven't figured out a sensible usage message.

> but otherwise a fabulous idea.

Bad Anders.  Bad, bad, Anders.  Letting people do what they find
easiest is BADDDDD.  Ask the people who criticised me for suggesting it.

> Please see SF Patch 812150 - It does exactly what you proposed here.

That is not allowed!  The people who criticised me for suggesting sdmething
like this went ballistic because I did not provide a patch.  Imagine how
much more they will be upset because you did provide a patch.

BTW, you're not part of "the community" because I was told that if my
suggestion had any merit then "the community" would already have provided
a patch.  Yeah, that makes no sense to me either, but you provided a patch
that some people hate therefore you are an evil person and eat babies on
toast for breakfast.

Paul Allen
Softflare Support

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