Hi Anders

Anders Brander writes:

> I think we should just ignore the "old" way of calling vaddaliasdomain
> in the usage message, in that way new users will adobt the "new" way of
> doing things.

Ummm, that implies that one way is more "correct" than the other.  I do
not believe that to be the case.  I believe that one way is more natural
to some of us than the other and that each of us should be able to use
the interface we prefer.

> The autosensing will ensure that we don't brake old script

Yeah, old scripts will still work.  But old sysadmins like me will get
confused (I'm old, it's nearly 3am and I've had a lot of wine so I'm
easily confused).  We do something and it works and then later we look at 
the usage message and find that it COULD NOT HAVE WORKED.  That causes to
diving into the code to see what the hell is happening...  The usage
message MUST explain both alternatives.  It will be a little clumsy, to
be sure, but it must explain both alternatives.

> I will NOT participate in that discussion.

Bah, it's fun.  You just need more wine... :)

Paul Allen
Softflare Support

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