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"Paul L. Allen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Because vpopmail bridges so many divides, it cannot intuit what you want.
It doesn't know if you're using cdb for everything or using MySQL for
everything or whatever unless you tell it. But, wherever possible, it
should be DWIM. Tom's proposed patch allowing real and alias domain in
any order is very much DWIM that pleases both sides of te argument.

You know, intense as this whole argument is, the fact remains that DWIM is no substitute for proper documentation. Patching software to accept every possible 'first-guess' input isn't just sloppy, it's unmaintainable.

Maintainers -

Please don't implement this.  Spend the time patching writing down the one
supported way instead.

- Erik Bourget

This is easily properly documentable, there are only four cases, each of which has a clear, easily explainable outcome.

Here's a stab at usable documentation:
Usage: vaddaliasdomain [options]
vaddaliasdomain requires two domains as arguments in an order independent fashion. vaddaliasdomain then aliases one domain to the other based on the following logic:
If exists and doesn't, becomes an alias for
If exists and doesn't, becomes an alias for
If neither or both exist, vaddaliasdomain exits with an error.

That wasn't so hard now was it? Cheers, Nick Harring

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