On Tuesday, October 21, 2003, at 12:50 PM, Jochen Schug wrote:
# quota for entire domain, in megabytes
# example shows a domain with a 100MB quota and a limit of 10,000 messages
#quota 100

Unless the behaviour changed, shouldn't this read 104857600 instead of 100?

Actually, that's a little inconsistency we have right now.

maildirquota.c multiplies the number by 1024*1024, so it definitely considers it MB.

vmoddomlimits writes it out exactly as provided on the command line, which probably isn't a good idea now that we allow KB and MB modifiers (since if I say "-Q 100M", I want 100MB, not 100TB). The reason it's currently parsed, was in response to earlier bug reports that it wasn't (and it wasn't because it shouldn't have been).

I've updated vmoddomlimits to indicate that the -Q option is megabytes and -q is bytes. The -S options adds "MB" after the domain quota and "bytes" after the default user quota when displaying the information.

A general question regarding domain limits: What would be the correct behaviour when I add a new domain and have the limits in ~vpopmail/etc/vlimits.default? Should a .qmaladmin-limits under the new domain, with the data from the default file, be created? Or should such a domain automatically refer to the data from default file (-> when I change the defaults, all existing domains with no .qmailadmin-limits are affected by the change)?

Current (and I think the expected) behavior is to not create a .qmailadmin-limits file. For sites that don't have domain-specific limits, this allows for easy updating of limits.

I noticed that there's no .qmailadmin-limits file created when I add a new domain, but when I check the domain limits with vmoddomlimits -S, the default values from the time when I added the domain are shown (even when I edit the vlimits-default file in the meantime). Where do these values come from?

They come from ~vpopmail/etc/vlimits.default (not vlimits-default). I checked on my system, and after modifying vlimits.default, vmoddomlimits -S reported the updated values.

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