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>> I have two server running vpopmail (5.3.27 on the first and 5.3.30 on
>> the second), some user have a particular .qmail file (with some
>> command executed with | command) and all work fine.
>> The problem (on both version) come when I try to put a multiple
>> maildir delivery command in .qmail file, like this:
>> ./Maildir/
>> ./Maildir2/

> I'm pretty sure that vdelivermail is assuming the second line is an 
> address and not a Maildir since it doesn't contains the string 
> "/Maildir/".  I'll look into updating vpopmail to do Maildir delivery
> if the line starts with "." or "/".

If you adjust the code, please adjust it in a way 'man dot-qmail'
describes the syntax:

,----- [ from 'man dot-qmail' ]
| (4)  An mbox line begins with a slash or dot, and does not end with a slash:
|           /home/djb/Mailbox.sos
| ...
| (5)  A maildir line begins with a slash or dot, and ends with a slash:
|           /home/djb/Maildir/

If vdelivermail is (currently) unable to deliver to mailboxes, make it
exit 111 when it hit's mailbox delivery instruction.
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