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> Before You make comments, first read the previous post.

Well, ok. *erm* I just recognize: already done.

> I am talking about TLS, smtps

You are. In fact you are.
But maybe I just have to repeat my question, maybe you did not
recognize it, because there was too much confusing text around it:

"Why do you mix "authentication method" and "connection security"?"

> adn You are talking about pop3, complete out of the road.

No. Now I'm pretty sure the whole mass of text confused you. I told
you, SMTP-AUTH sends the "e-mail-address" and "password" as well as
POP3-AUTH does. This was related to your comment (I'm allowed to quote
your comment in <mid:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>):

| In the OLD days, people were happy with SMTP-Auth.  I consider it LESS
| security as SMTP after POP,

You YOU started comparing SMTP-AUTH to other, POP3-invocating,
authentication / relay-allowing, methods.
So IF POP3 is "out of the road", it is only YOU who brought it into
this thread.

> When I see word like 'enligtment' and I some sarcasm, seems You
> are German either,

You're so ... so ... amusing. You need the word "enlightment" (which
I did not even write; I wrote you're "enlightened") and "some sarcasm"
for recognizing a fact, which can easily be obtained from the senders
address? You ARE funny.

> see my previous comment.

The one in <mid:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>? I saw. And I had
to laugh out loudly about such a simple minded attitude.

> Stop Your sarcasm,

Why? Who are you to tell me stopping sarcasm? What makes you "better"
than anybody else? What makes you assume my ancestors gave me that
beautiful gift of sarcasm? What makes you sure you can even think
about any comparison between times of WWI and WWII and my behavior
just right now? What makes you French existence better than mine?

> and rebuild first Your country

I won't. There're some million people in this country, I don't see a
single reason why I should rebuild it.
- First: I don't see a necessity to /rebuild/ it. Some (partly major)
  changes might be suitable, but a complete rebuild is far too much.
- Second: I'm personally am much to less of a being for having the
  ability to rebuild the whole country.
- Third: even if I would start, there are soooo many (mostly
  politicians, nevertheless enough commercial leaders) people guiding
  this country into it's current misery. My work would not stop this.

There are some other reasons, but this would become too much OT. But
I'm quite sure you know what you're talking about. At least it's just
the reality that's far behind your statements.

> and mentality.

??? You're is better? Your
Q: I don't get SMTP-AUTH to work. Please help
A: Use SSL!
way of participating and "helping" others, your "You're sarcastic,
you're a f*****g German! You're behaving like your ancestors 1900-1945!
[which implies I'm a either a Caesars fellow or a national socialist;
and you don't even now me enough for being at least 1% sure about this
facts]" is a better mentality?

C'mon, guy. You don't want to tell me, you're the "better human
being"? You don't really want to do EXACTLY what you blame me to do:
"[pretend] to be the most bright race"???
You don't really want to tell me (us) "we Germans" are (still? again?)
"the bad, ugly, fascistic people" and it's the French that'll help the
world out of the misery, because of their perfect mind set, given by
"place of birth and live"??? If you really do, you're much poorer than
I thought and you don't even deserve being read on this list.

P.S.: If you feel the need to reply: please try trimming your quotes
to the relevant parts. It's is not necessary to full quote and
increase list traffic above the unavoidable level. I don't even ask
for slightly reducing your signature; 18 lines is quite a lot.
Best regards
Peter Palmreuther

Eggheads unite!  You have nothing to lose but your yolks. - Adlai

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