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Am Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2004 11:26 schrieb Tonix:
> Tobias,
> it looks like there is a "trust" against this patch, just saying
> generically it's ugly, but not beeing able to say why, and not beeing
> able, mainly, to make another one working.
> This patch is highly responding to DJ security and programming models,
> while all the rest around (including vpopmail) is not, so all the attacks
> are without comprension (or people attacking does not understand what is
> speaking about).

Thats why I asked on the list. I never worked with this patch and have no 
experience in coding to analyze if it is crap or not.

> This patch is running in hundreds of productions sites since more than two
> years (without a bug and without any performance problem), and I'm
> receiving dozen of e-mails, each month, thanking for it.
Good to hear. Are there any facts how much it would decrease performance lets 
say at about 800-1000 smtp-connections per minute?
> This patch has also be included in other bigger "containers", like Bill
> Shupp megapatch and Matt Simerson Toaster.
Good to know...
> I'm old and experienced enought to understand the real skills of people,
> and what's working and what not.
> If you install the patch and use it, you'll learn another way to know and
> trust people: by judging their work, and not their words.
I learned it already. Like I worte: One person out of millions said...
Another experience I made is to ask other people for experiences _before_ I do 
something, especially before installing software or applying patches to 
systems which are essential and have to run properly.
> Tonino

Another question:
Does this patch look, if there is a "catch-all" for the domain?
Is there anything to take care of when using vpopmail with MySQL in 
conjunction with this patch?


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