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On Thursday 27 May 2004 04:26 am, Tonix wrote:


+#include <stdio.h>


If you comment out this line, you have this compilation error:

In file included from qmail-smtpd.c:45:
/vpopmail/include/vpopmail.h:133: syntax error before `*'

This is the guilty 133 line, inside vpopmail.h:
        struct vqpasswd *vgetent(FILE *);

It looks like my patch needs stdio.h only because vpopmail needs it.

So, does Ken know your opinion about his writing "UGLY" and "HORRIBLE" code with glibc-stuff inside?


> This patch is running in hundreds of productions sites since more than two
> years (without a bug and without any performance problem), and I'm
> receiving dozen of e-mails, each month, thanking for it.

I continually see reports of 'false positives' on this mailing list.

This is a MySQL fault, with vpopmail NOT handling bad return codes in some core routines.

I'll ask, nextly, to join the development group and develop a robust subset of calls solving this problem (for all, not only for chkuser).

Not to mention my first experience with this patch it wasn't even a unified
diff, therefore I had to apply it against a fresh qmail tarball and make a
real diff out of it before I could apply it against the qmail tarball I was

I'm not selling this patch, it is just a free patch.

And you should know about patching patched sources...

I don't like how it determines the 'catchall' either, however, that's not a
problem with the patch, that's a problem with how vpopmail determines how
it's supposed to handle deliveries to unknown user accounts/aliases.




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