The reason why I asked about the script, is because backups are done by
a different machine. And my apologies for sending an off topic message,
but thank you for your reply you gave me a starting point.

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This doesn't have anything to do with vpopmail. Very simple
qmail config. On your secondary server, add the domains for which you
are running backup to rcpthosts. Then add the backup server as a lower
priority MX to your DNS. The qmail server on the backup machine will
accept the mail, realize they are not locals (since they are NOT found
in virtualdomains on the backup server) and forward them to the

Not sure what you mean about backing up the secondary, this doesn't
really have to do with this service. However you back up the server in
general ought to be just fine for backing up any queued mail as well.

-- Jamie

Thursday, June 3, 2004, 11:31:30 AM, you wrote:

DP> Has anyone who is running vpopmail/qmail/mysqlcreated a
DP> backup/redundant or even a secondary server for the same domains?
DP> I?mlooking to do that and I was wondering if there was any
DP> documentationavailable.  Also is there any documentationI can read
DP> on how to properly backup the e-mails, users, configfiles on the
DP> setup stated above.  Iam running that on redhat 9.  Any assistance
DP> will be greatlyappreciated.

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