Thanks for the reply is there a document I can read some place?

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On Thursday 03 June 2004 10:31 am, David Petruzzella wrote:
> Has anyone who is running vpopmail/qmail/mysql created a
> backup/redundant or even a secondary server for the same domains? I'm
> looking to do that and I was wondering if there was any documentation
> available.  Also is there any documentation I can read on how to
> properly backup the e-mails, users, config files on the setup stated
> above.  I am running that on redhat 9.  Any assistance will be greatly
> appreciated.

You can do most of it with an rsync setup. 
Rsync these directories over to the other machine
Be sure to have rsync delete files that don't exist on
the first machine. 

On the second machine don't use the virtualdomains
file. Instead have an smtproutes file to forward everything
over to the first machine.

In case of a failure of the first machine: on the second
machine put the virtualdomains file in place (from the
first machine) and remove the smtproutes file. 

It is easier if you use cdb, but if you need to use mysql,
setup mysql to replicate from the first machine to the
second machine. I'd recommend turning off auth_logging
if possible. That will signficantly reduce the replication

If you have three machines use a standard cluster setup
with the third machine as an NFS server mounting the
/home/vpopmail/domains directory. 

Hope that helps,
Ken Jones

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