master wrote:

Hi, i have recently wanted to add to alias to one user and when i try to
remove it i get this error :
Error: valias_remove() not implemented for non-SQL backends.

will this be fix in the next release of vpopmail ? because not only sql need
this features.

There is a fair chance you will see it in 5.6, but that won't be any time soon. I doubt it will happen in 5.4.x, and it hasn't changed in 5.5 yet. (5.5 is the development track.) Full valias functionality for CDB is on my todo list, but the project just keeps getting bigger.

If you need it sooner, grab the latest CVS, and code up a function to do the job of editing a .qmail fine to delete the line containing the address being removed from that file... patches are welcome! The function that needs to be changed is in vpalias.c, and further discussion should be on the SourceForge vpopmail-devel list.


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