On Thursday 03 June 2004 10:55 am, David Petruzzella wrote:
> Thanks for the reply is there a document I can read some place?

I think you just got it :)

Seriously, not that I know of. 

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> On Thursday 03 June 2004 10:31 am, David Petruzzella wrote:
> > Has anyone who is running vpopmail/qmail/mysql created a
> > backup/redundant or even a secondary server for the same domains? I'm
> > looking to do that and I was wondering if there was any documentation
> > available.  Also is there any documentation I can read on how to
> > properly backup the e-mails, users, config files on the setup stated
> > above.  I am running that on redhat 9.  Any assistance will be greatly
> > appreciated.
> You can do most of it with an rsync setup.
> Rsync these directories over to the other machine
> /var/qmail/control
> /var/qmail/users
> /home/vpopmail/domains
> Be sure to have rsync delete files that don't exist on
> the first machine.
> On the second machine don't use the virtualdomains
> file. Instead have an smtproutes file to forward everything
> over to the first machine.
> In case of a failure of the first machine: on the second
> machine put the virtualdomains file in place (from the
> first machine) and remove the smtproutes file.
> It is easier if you use cdb, but if you need to use mysql,
> setup mysql to replicate from the first machine to the
> second machine. I'd recommend turning off auth_logging
> if possible. That will signficantly reduce the replication
> traffic.
> If you have three machines use a standard cluster setup
> with the third machine as an NFS server mounting the
> /home/vpopmail/domains directory.
> Hope that helps,
> Ken Jones

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