On Friday 03 December 2004 05:05 am, Oden Eriksson wrote:
> Hi.
> I don't know if this has been addressed before, but I couldn't find
> anything related using google searches.
> I use latest vpopmail+courier-imap and the pop-before-smtp method. This has
> worked great during the past four or so years. The problem I'm experiencing
> is that the relay file seems only to be updated at one time when starting
> up the imap client and checking mail for the first time, I'm using kmail.
> In order to successfully send mail after the --enable-relay-clear-minutes
> period has expired I have to restart kmail. This is annoying and has been
> the case for a very long time now. Now I'm sick of it and need a
> resolution. So please advise what to do.

Use smtp auth.  This is not a problem with kmail, courier-imap, or roaming 


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